ESG Management

Through ESG management, Koreel Co., Ltd. establishes growth & investment strategy, increases corporate value, grows with customers and communities, and creates a sustainable future.
ESG Excellent 모범납세자 표창

ESG Management

  • Environment

    Response to climate change

    - Minimize Greenhouse gas emissions

    - Cooperates with public sector

    Eco-friendly products

    - Proactive response to environmental regulations

    - Reduce environmental burden in developing and manufacturing products

    - strengthen eco-friendliness of supply chain products

    Recycling of resources

    - improve waste recycling/reuse capabilities

  • Social


    - Human resources development

    - Respect for human rights and equal opportunities

    - Safe work environment

    - diversity and inclusiveness

    Supply chain

    - Shared growth

    Social contribution

    - Donation, volunteer activities

    - support vulnerable children and young people

    Law abiding spirit/ethics management

  • Governance

    Transparent governance structure

    - Improve transparency in management

    - Increase corporate value

    - Secure trust in the investment market

    - strengthen profesionalism

    Sustainable management + happiness of stakeholders


◆ Response to climate change

· Systematic climate change response creates a healthy planet

- To reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions generated during the manufacturing process, we apply greenhouse gas reduction technology, improve energy consumption efficiency and expand the use of renewable energy.

- Manage contaminants and noise from the manufacturing process

- Actively cooperate with the government's carbon reduction policy to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

◆ Eco-friendly products

· We prioritize the eco-friendly environment in the entire production process.

- Proactively respond to strengthening environmental regulations, build systems that produce materials that do not contain hazardous substances, and ensure eco-friendly products by checking out whether hazardous substances are included or not in materials and processes during the final shipment process.

- work with our partners to strengthen the eco-friendliness of supply chain products

◆ Recycling of resources

· Make efforts to realize a sustainable and circular economy

- Increase recycling capabilities and reduce and manage waste generation throughout the product's lifecycle

- Reduce water use efficiency and wastewater emissions through water and wastewater management efficiency.

- Improves the company-wide separation management system to thoroughly separate and discharge household waste such as vinyl, plastic, transparent PET, and paper from the premises to improve recycling rates.


◆ Member - Human resources development

- We strive to select diverse talents with high capabilities and potential, and nurture them to demonstrate creative abilities within the organization so that they can grow together with members in a rapidly changing management environment.

◆ Member - Respect human rights

- We strive to prevent human rights abuses, foster a culture of human rights protection, and balance opportunities

◆ Member - Safe work environment

- To maintain a safe working environment, safety checks and risks for workplaces and hardware are identified and eliminated. We identify the root causes of accidents and prepare and implement prevention measures.

◆ Member - Diversity and inclusiveness

- Create a creative and inclusive corporate culture where diversity and inclusion members are recognized for diversity and are free to expand their abilities.

- We strive to minimize various conflict factors such as gender, generation, religion, political beliefs, pregnancy & birth, nationality, disability, etc.

◆ Supply chain

- We strive to create a fair trade culture so that everyone can grow together, and we create a win-win cooperation system that strengthens the Korean industrial reel ecosystem by increasing the competitiveness of our partners in the industry.

◆ Social contribution

- We carry out various social contribution missions and sharing activities such as donations and outreach activities, vulnerable children, and youth talent development activities to win-win and grow with the community.

인천아이리더성장보고서 인천아이리더성장보고서 인천아이리더성장보고서 인천아이리더성장보고서 인천아이리더성장보고서

◆ Law abiding spirit/ethics management

- Recognizing that law abiding sprit/ethical management is an essential business philosophy for sustainable growth, we strive to establish a system for law abiding/ethical management practices so that a leading law abiding/ethical management culture can be established.

◆ Transparent tax policy

- We strive to comply with tax regulations and fulfill our social obligations. We carry out transparent tax policy through principles of faith, transparency, honest transactions, and forward-thinking cooperation with tax authorities

모범납세자 표창 모범납세자 표창


◆ Transparent governance

- Recognizing that independent and transparent governance is the basis for long-term corporate value and the happiness of stakeholders, we are committed to establishing better governance.

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