About US

Introducing KOREEL, a company that always thinks about in 10 years

About US

Introducing KOREEL, a company that always thinks about in 10 years

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Greetings from CEO

Founded in 1991, Koreel Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling industrial reels for a variety of applications. Koreel is a pioneer in developing the Korean industrial reel market, which has relied on imports, and is a leading player in the development and globalization of the Korean industrial reel industry.

The standard & custom reels of Koreel contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer and more ergonomic workplace.

Today, reels are applied in many industries such as manufacturing, service industry and agriculture, and are widely used as auxiliary devices that are attached to various special vehicles, cranes, heavy machinery, etc. to increase the function and added value of machinery.

In recent years, cable reels for AMP system that provide electricity to ships docked at ports have been developed and used to significantly reduce pollution from ships. In addition, new use reels such as wire/optical cable reels for wired drones for long-term shooting and surveillance on high ground are being developed. As a result, reels today have become a must-have, not a nice-to-have in industrial sites.

Reels are technical products that require special features such as fail-safe, high precision, corrosion-resistance, and durability etc. because they are repeatedly used in extremely harsh environments such as construction sites, mines and oceans. The reels of Koreel-proudly made in Korea- are built on a thorough quality management system using high-quality raw materials, especially since they have undergone a rigorous testing process under a variety of environments, which makes them highly performant and durable.

Reel manufacturers must also have the A/S ability to quickly resolve problems so that the work site does not stop in the event of a failure. Koreel operates production factories and A/S centers at its headquarters factory in Incheon, Jeonju factory, Gunsan factory and Busan office, and can quickly supply products and A/S measures anywhere in Korea and abroad

Koreel’s innovation is still in progress today. In recognition of its innovative technology, Koreel became part of a high-speed cable reel development project for Rail Mounted Guntry Crane (RMGC) implemented by the Korea Ministry of SME and Startups and Busan Port Authority. Koreel was also selected as the 2021 World Class Product of Korea by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and and KOTRA.

Meanwhile, Koreel, a pioneer and leader in the field of AMP systems, designs and builds trouble -free and performant AMPs in bad weather based on innovative technologies. Koreel is a cleantech company leading the decarbonization of ports and other industrial applications through the provision of innovative connection and electrification solutions, and aims to create a cleaner, safer and more efficient world of the future. To this end, Koreel has partnered with HD Hyundai Marine Solutions to pioneer the global AMP system market

Koreel is moving toward its goal of going beyond Korea's no.1 reeling system manufacturer and becoming a global leader and world-class product, based on excellent human resources, R&D and technology, and ESG management system, while exporting to countries around the world such as the United States, Australia, The United Kingdom, China, and Russia.

Koreel always welcomes your ideas, opinions and feedbacks on how we can serve you better in a constantly challenging and changing times and reflects them in the development of our products and services. Through this process, Koreel is committed to achieving the ultimate goal of growing and sharing prosperity with our customers.

We wish you all good health and luck.

Oh Hyun Kyu