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The long-awaited new products have been launched

The new rust-free sus reels will make the product life longer, the workplace cleaner, and workers healthier.

Safety, Efficiency & Productivity

Koreel’s reels are helping companies improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Innovative Technology & Craftsmanship

Koreel’s reels are being made by our innovative technology with unparalleled craftsmanship

“2021 World Class Product of Korea”

Koreel’s reels are “proudly made in Korea” and better by performance.
Our product was selected as “2021 World Class Product of Korea” by Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and KOTRA


As a pioneer and an industry leader in the field of AMP systems, Koreel Co., Ltd. designs and builds weather resistant, durable and performant AMPs based on innovative technologies. Koreel Co., Ltd. is a leading cleantech company that designs and offers connection and electrification solutions to enable decarbonization in ports and other industrial applications, and aims to contribute to the creation of a cleaner, safer and more efficient world of the future. In recognition of these technologies, Koreel Co., Ltd. is pioneer the global AMP system market.

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Reels for special vehicles

Koreel Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures reels that are mounted on special purpose vehicles such as aerial ladder trucks, aerial work vehicles, crane trucks, forklifts, fuel/lubricant delivery vehicles, vehicles for road pavements, high-pressure hose cleaning vehicles, broadcast lighting trucks, and fire trucks/aerial ladder rescue vehicles.

Koreel's custom hoses, cables/cord reels are sturdy for optimal performance in extreme environments due to the nature of vehicles exposed to off-roads and in a variety of climates.

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Custom Reels

We will create customized reels for you.
Hoses, cables/cord reels are used in a variety of applications in a variety of industries and on work sites(mines, marines, factories, steel mills, power plants, etc.).
Koreel Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures reels to combine various machinery, equipment and systems used by customers for optimum productivity, efficiency and added value.

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Standard reels

Koreel’s standard reels are excellent in design, performance and functionality.
Koreel’s design & engineering team is known for designing durable, high-quality reeling devices. In designing the reeling devices, we optimize them to fit well with the use site according to the use of the reeling devices. It is also designed to be easy to install, whether it is on walls, ceilings or mobile etc. anywhere.

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Promotion video

Promotional Video

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Home cleaning shower reel (LPW-820) Koreel Home Water Reel

Koreel Safety LED Wire Reel

Safety LED wire reel (KPLE Series) Koreel Camping reel

Koreel Home cleaning shower reel