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Retractable reels are devices for storing and using hoses or cables and are operated manually or automatically. The manual hose reel requires the user to wind and release the hose by turning the handle or crank, while the automatic hose reel automatically rewinds at the push of a button. Some models are equipped with a motor that moves the reels to make it faster and easier to rewind the hose or cable. Retractable reels are made in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing them to meet a variety of needs, including industrial, commercial, and home. Therefore, the use of reels in the workplace improves work efficiency, cleans and organizes the workplace, and reduces the risk of safety accidents caused by accidentally stepping on hoses lying haphazardly on the floor. In addition, kinkless hoses or cables increase productivity, prolong their lifespan, and reduce the risk of fluid leakage.



Koreel’s standard reels are excellent in design, performance and functionality.



Koreel’s design & engineering team is known for designing durable, high-quality reeling devices. In designing the reeling devices, we optimize them to fit well with the use site according to the use of the reeling devices. It is also designed to be easy to install, whether it is on walls, ceilings or mobile etc. anywhere.


① Open Type(single frame pedestal, twin frame, built-in drive, external drive)

② Package Type(ABS box, Steel box, ABS + Steel box, up to 5 outlets in one box )




Koreel’s reeling devices are durable with a sturdy frame, high-quality springs, leak-free sealing, corrosion-resistant coating and twist-free hoses developed by Koreel. It has been proven to be used in harsh environments and has a longer service life than any other product.


Standard reels are manufactured to different specifications per series depending on the type of fluids, pressure, and purpose of use. Types of fluids include air, water, gas, fuel (such as diesel), oil/grease, sludge, and electricity. Even standard reels need to be precisely differentiated between their intended use, as performance and functionality will vary depending on where they are installed, or what you use them for. Painting is divided according to whether the installation site is indoor or outdoor. When reels are used outdoors, they are increasingly made from stainless steel products.