AMP System

AMP System

AMP System

  • A device that supplies a land-based power source(6.6kV / 3.3kV) to a ship anchored in the port
  • Enacted in 2006 to curb CO2 emissions by the Tokyo Protocol
  • Currently in the United States, Port of Los Angeles (POLA), Port of Long Beach (POLB) Some mandatory provisions are in place.(Hyundai Merchant Marine, AP MOLLER, MSC, etc. 5 ~ 7% of the entire ships)
  • Expected to expand to ports around the world (across the Americas and Europe, Asia, etc.)
  • It plays the same role as the Shore connection in the Emergency Swichboard (ESBD) Reefer Cont., The current Shore Connection capacity is too small to be used)Also, it is difficult to enlarge the low-pressure shore connection due to large-sized ships (short-circuit current, etc.)
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The need for AMP System

AMP System Cable Specifications

High Voltages(6.6kv)


Low Voltages(480v)(Number of cables changed according to ship capacity)

  • Depending on the ship's capacity, the cable selected may varied.
  • It is a list of commonly used things and determines the power cable specification and the number of control cores when initially determining and designing.
  • It also decides whether or not to apply to fiber optic depending on whether it is used for communication.

Marine transport (80% of global trade) - Emissions of pollutants(90% of total transport)
→ Use of fuel with high pollution source such as light oil and heavy oil.

AMP system needs in developed countries.
  • Introduction of USA, Italy, Germany, France, Holland etc.
  • China AMP system will be actively reviewed from 2010
  • Parallel construction of power plant to introduce AMP in Busan
    New Port new terminal construction in Korea and Incheon, Ulsan Port Corporation (Shipping Newspaper (2009-2-6)

There is no development achievement of domestic AMP system and it is recognition stage.

Imported and installed AMP SYSTEM of domestic shipbuilding company (Due to the monopolistic market structure, it is difficult to cooperate with A / S and operation technology)

Eco-friendly, energy saving
  • Fuel consumption : 213.8(ton) = 1*0.5*71.263*30*0.2 ( 50,000T, 30 days Ship anchored)
    [Fuel consumption at berth = number of inbound and outbound sailing * 0.5 * fuel consumption factor * berth * 0.2]
  • Total emissions of CO, SOx, and NOx amounted to about 28.8 tons ($ 13.5 / ton) and generated carbon emission costs of about $ 375.76. (Based on 2010 carbon emission cost)
  • Fuel Cost : 168,330$ Carbon emission cost : 375.56$ (50,000T, 30 days Ship anchored)
  • The price of carbon emission will range from 20 to 25 euros ($ 12.9 billion) in December 2011 to $ 2 trillion to $ 8 trillion in 2020

Usage example AMP System Reel

Usage example AMP System Reel

1) Container loading type Reel Type AMP SYSTEM

2) Mobile type AMP SYSTEM example

3) DISPENSER type AMP SYSTEM example

4) Etc

SPO (Shore Power Out)

5) Example for Aircraft Power Supply

Various types of AMP SYSTEM (ocean exploration reel)

Usage example AMP System Reel
Usage example AMP System Reel