For Multi Center Joint

Multi Center Joint


  • Mechanical strain generated from a body of rotation can be delivered, not bothring cables of other equipments.
  • Applicable for various field.
  • Ampere Range : 10A ~ 300A
Multi Center Joint

Interal design not making problem of delivering oil pressure, power, signal, and image. Easy and simple installment and high-durability.

Specific figures
  • 1" 2PORT, 3/8" 2PORT(210㎏/㎠)
  • Electric cable specification :
    • Power AVS 3.5SQ 2P
    • Signal AVS 0.5SQ 15P
  • Length of input cable (the bottom of Joint) 5.3m
  • Length of output cable (the top of Joint) 2.2m
  • Cable with wire protector pipe.
  • Cable end : MS CONNECTOR (MS 3106 28-11 22PIN+MS 3057-16A)

Center Joint

Center Joint of Fire truck has been designed for special prupose to supply oil pressure, water pressure and supply power and signal to aerial (turntable)ladder as integrated product.

  • Oil portt : 2 ~ 6 Port
  • Water port : 2" ×1 Port
  • Slip Ring : 2 ~ 10A/3~25p
  • working pressure : 50 ~ 290㎏/㎠
  • Shaft can be acceptable based on user's request(2",3",4" etc)
  • Material of Shaft is uses stainless steel to prevent from rusting.
  • Multi center joint for the application of power, Signal and Hydraulic.
  • Customized specication is acceptable.